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*~* Under Construction *~*
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To start off, let me just say that if you have any question about what we're RP'ing, please just send me a PM, or get ahold of me any way you know how, and let's discuss it. I'm very much open to all kinds of options, and some things just work out better with a little discussion beforehand. That being said:


Backtagging: I will backtag into eternity. If for whatever reason you or I decide we'd rather drop a thread, however, communication is always appreciated. =)
Threadhopping: Sure! If it would be potentially problematic, feel free to PM or ask first, one way or another.
Fourthwalling: I would prefer not, but ask? If it can be done in such a way where he's recognized but not outed as fictional, I can work with that.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I can't think of anything offhand, but when in doubt, ask. ♥ If something comes up, I will absolutely open communication with you, regarding it.


Hugging this character: If you really want to. XD
Kissing this character: Sure!
Flirting with this character: By all means, he flirts like he breathes...
Fighting with this character: Absolutely. He has that effect on people.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): His ability to be injured will vary based on whether or not he's in the suit, but if it makes sense, I'm game. At the risk of being redundant, if it looks to be severe or there's any uncertainty, please get ahold of me and let's talk it out beforehand. =)
Killing this character: If there's a good reason for it, and we've discussed it prior, I'd be open to trying it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Honestly, if it's going through his head there's an 85% chance it's coming out of his mouth. Please ask first, because depending on the specific circumstance, I may or may not be open to this. =)

Warnings: He's Tony Stark.
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